Our team of expert roasters, with “know-how” knowledge and “passion” for crafting flavors, are able to fully develop all of the potential flavor precursors inside your beans by focusing on small batch, at low temperature and in slow roasting process thanks to our unique roasting facilities.
Utilizing nibs roasting technique, time and temperature controlled, we are able to manipulate any roast profile to perfectly match your desired curve. Besides, our cutting-edge technology machines and facilities always ensure the highest quality assurance standards for your products.

Roasting Our Beans

If you are an expert in crafting cocoa bean flavors and have your own roasting recipes that already work well in your chocolates but don’t want to make a huge investment in proper equipment on an industrial scale for tolling cocoa beans into cocoa mass, we are here to offer you a customized service that enables you to apply your own roasting recipes at our certified facilities using our sustainable Cacao-Trace beans.

Origins: Vietnam, Philippines and Papua New Guinea as regular origins. Other origins as per requested.
OEM: Available at required MOQ.

Roasting Your Beans

If you are bean-to-bar players, chocolatiers, or even chocolate manufacturers having your own sources of rare origin cocoa beans but are new to tolling process and only care about having the best flavor profile of cocoa liquor for your chocolate production, we are here to transform your cocoa beans into a distinct and consistent flavor profile you’ve come to expect.

Origins: Unlimited.
OEM: Available at required MOQ.